"""My Projects"""
type Project {
id: ID

"""Project name"""
name: String

"""Project description"""
description: String

"""Project Thumbnail"""
thumbnail: String

"""Link to the repo"""
source: String

"""License this project is under"""
license: String

"""List of releases for this project"""
releases(id: ID): [Project Release]

"""Latest releases available"""
latest: latestReleasesObject

"""A release for a project"""
type Project Release {
id: ID

"""The project this release belongs to"""
project: Project

"""Release version for humanoid-creatures"""
version: String

"""Date the release was added"""
date: String

"""Status of the publish"""
published: String

"""Short description for the release"""
description: String

"""All changes for this release"""
changelog: [ProjectReleaseChange]

"""Manifest for this release"""
manifest: String

"""Changes for a project"""
type ProjectReleaseChange {
id: ID

"""Change entry"""
change: String

type Query {
"""Returns subset of projects available"""
projects(id: Int): [Project]

"""Returns subset of project releases available"""
projects_releases(id: Int): [Project Release]

"""Returns whether the given password is part of a pwned passwords list"""
hibp(password: String): Boolean

type latestReleasesObject {
"""Latest public release available"""
public: Project Release

"""Latest pre-release available"""
testing: Project Release