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My Shizzle

What do I do?


Development is my primary occupation.
To me, one day of not touching anything with development, is one day I have not been alive.
Though some speculate I might have been sick that day.


Gaming is my secondary way of going around the clock.
Games like League of Legends and World of Warships make my heart beat!
I'm not some highly-skilled player, but I'm highly-competitive none-the-less!


As somebody who loves tech, you'll find some tech-related stuff here every now and then.
However, since I'm not the richest, it won't be that much about the latest and greatest.


I'll complain about everything I think can be done better.
You'll find a lot of rants on my blog.
Consider them, think about them, discuss them!

Making this world a better place

I always come up with creative solutions to real problems.
My goal is to make this world a better place not only for those here now, but also those who come after us.

My Projects

A small preview of what I've been working on

My Partners

Coming from all across the globe, I partnered with these lads to give you awesome content!