Hii Guys, I'm Aroop 'Finlay' Roelofs a.k.a FinlayDaG33k. I'm age 25 and born on the 8th of November 1998.
I am a Hobbyist-programmer, Gamer, Blogger and just a big ass nerd.
I basically live in the attic in our home, and I sometimes appear like a ninja to look if food magically appeared in the fridge.
I am a huge music fan and probably can't live a day without it.
I tend to talk a lot in the "I" form (You probably already noticed it), but that's no big deal... I guess...

When programming, I often make basic stuff and sometimes more advanced stuff.
My most commonly used languages are:
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • Python
  • VB.NET
  • Bash
On the age of 12, I got diagnosed with Autism (PDD-NOS to be exact) this has made my life a bit more difficult.
However, unlike popular believe, it's not an illness or disease.
I can function with it quite normally (I can get groceries, I can cook, I can travel by public transport etc. etc.),
It just makes communication a bit more difficult for me.

At the age of 13 I started to realize I was colorblind.
I can see about 25% color saturation, so I am able to see which color is what, just have some difficulties seing differences between tints
It never really bothered me until people started to ask which tint of color I liked best.

The story behind my online name

I became FinlayDaG33k when I was around 14 years old.
Back then, I had some friends who I gamed with a lot.
We used to go under many names.

On FlyFF we used the name Piece The Veil.
I was known under the name: PTV Rez (Pierce The Veil Resurrect).
This was because I always played as an Assist. later on, I, of course, chose the path of the Ringmaster.
We used this name from early 2004 to late 2005.
We had quite a high rank back then.
Due to all sorts of reason, this team disbanded.
Frankly enough, some shitty wrist violin trash "band" stole the name and used it for their own in 2006...
Nobody remembers this team or my name anymore.

On DoTA we used the name Random Dutch Team.
We used this when we discovered the game in mid-2006.
We managed to get a decent rank in the national ladders.
I was known under the name [RDT] Estah.
I don't know how I came up with the name, but ah well :)
This team also disbanded due to inactivity in early-2007.
Again, to never be remembered by anyone.

After a long period of radio silence around attempts on becoming an actual pro gaming team, we decided to make our last attempt.
Our last attempt was made in early-mid 2014.
This time in the game Team Fortress 2.
This time, we came up with a name that suited our current situations.
I became a programmer, another team member became a chemist, and the other 3 became engineers.
So we choose for the name Team G33k
Back then, I always talked very happily (much of which you can see in the videos I release nowadays).
With this, A great mistake came in:
I wanted to say the word finally but instead, my friends heard is as finlay.
So because of this, they decided to call me this from now on.

Because we had a bit of an issue with names this time, we decided to go with our nicknames and slapped DaG33k behind it.
So this where our names pretty much (guess which one is me):
  • BapaoDaG33k
  • 1nC0ntr07DaG33k (InControlDaG33k)
  • YetiDaG33k
  • MikadoDaG33k
  • FinlayDaG33k
After a long year of playing Team Fortress 2, our team disbanded in a horrible way in mid-2015.
Bapao,1nC0ntr07,Yeti and Midako where driving to a festival (I didn't join because I was too young, and didn't really like it anyways), when they got in a car accident.
Killing all of them (2 died nearly instantly according to the report, the others on their way to the hospital or in the hospital).

Because I wanted to honour them, instead of changing my name again, I stuck with FinlayDaG33k.
Trying to always keep the people around me happy, helping them were needed, and just showing people the joy of life is what I want.
Because some day, it will end for me as well.

And that is how I became FinlayDaG33k.
I know it's a heavy story, but this is how I got my online name and stuck to it.