You're probably not used to this, but I actually value freedom of choice.
Therefore, I made a lot of stuff optional here.
On this page, you can choose whether you want certain stuff to be enabled or not.
Functional Cookies
I put some basic required cookies in your browser to have this site function properly.
These cookies include:
  • Session cookies
  • Settings cookies
These cookies can't and shouldn't be disabled.
Analytics help me to see how my site is doing, how far my reach is, how often people come back etc. etc.
For analytics, I use a custom, fully open-source solution that hooks directly into my CMS, Admiral.
By doing this, I can keep your data on my own servers instead of having it hang around at third-party providers (whom will use it to track you and sell you stuff) while also being able to offer full transparency about what I do with the data I gather..
Once you leave my site, my website won't track you.
All data obtained is data that are being sent by the client during a request anyways.
Ofcourse, I do understand that you might not want to be tracked at all, therefore, I allow you to completely disable my analytics as long as you want!

How is your data collected and processed?

It collects your data by loading a small script that sends a tiny request to my server for the data collection.
Data collected by this includes (and is currently limited to):

  • A unique identifier
  • Your IP address
  • Your Country (not yet implemented)
  • Your browser's User Agent
  • The page you are on
  • The page where you originate from
  • The user's settings (the thingy above)
  • The timestamp of collection
This data is not personally identifiable as-is and only becomes so when you explicitly tell me.

This data shall be used for the following purposes:

  • See which pages on my sites are the most popular
  • See where from the globe my visitors originate from
  • See what platforms people use to visit my website
  • See what settings people use
  • See how much visitors I have within a given timespan
But shall not be used for these purposes:
  • Selling data to 3rd party advertisers
  • Track you outside my website