My Resume

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My Experience

Employers, internships and voluntary work


Februari 2016 - Present

A company from a good friend of mine, who rocked the same boat as I did, I decided to lend him my aid to make his dream come true.
I keep the servers up and running while also advising the CEO (my friend) on how to continue growing, while bringing awesome content to the world!


April 2020 - June 2020

News outlet for the videogame "Valorant".
I worked primarily on their back-end with the occasional front-end related tasks.
Once their site goes out of beta, I'll start shifting my focus towards streamlining the development process.


October 2014 - November 2019

I ended up here for day spending due to issues on school, but the CEO quickly recognized me as a valuable asset to their staff.
Working on a variety of different projects (one of which is powering this site!), teaching new people how to start programming and helping them to get ready for the real work, as well as bringing new and exciting ideas to the table.

LLS De Schildpad

November 2017 - Present

Cargoship a friend of mine owns where I help out in my spare time.
Most often found sailing between Nijmegen and Rotterdam with the occasional trip to London.

Stichting Leergeld Arnhem

June 2010 - August 2010

Charity that help out parents which are on a tight budget by allowing their children to go to school and practice sports like other children do.
Here, I helped out refurbishing computers which where then lend to those children to do their homework on.

Paradigit Arnhem

March 2012

A (now gone) computer store in Arnhem, where I had a small internship.
Not a great place with little to no knowledge on computers (just sales-men).

My Education

Degrees, Diplomas, certifications and Licenses

Degrees and Diplomas

Absolutely none.

Certifications and Licenses

Level Trade Educator Time Status
VMBO-T Dutch language S.G.M. De Brouwerij September 2012 - Juli 2013 Completed
VMBO-T English language S.G.M. De Brouwerij September 2012 - Juli 2013 Completed
VMBO-T Basics of Biology S.G.M. De Brouwerij September 2012 - Juli 2013 Completed
N/A Driving License AM Dick Joosten, De Linge + CBR September 2018 - October 08, 2019 Completed
MBO-2 IT servicedesk S.G.M. De Brouwerij September 2013 - June 2014 Dropped
N/A Linux professional LOI March 2018 - March 2019 Dropped
N/A CompTIA A+ Werkwent Nijmegen September 2014 - Oktober 2014 Dropped

My Skills

The skills I possess and how much I personally think I have mastered them

Programming Languages

Skill Rating
PHP Advanced
HTML Advanced
JavaScript Advanced
TypeScript Advanced
Python Intermediate
CSS Intermediate
Java Novice
R Novice
C/C++ Fundamental Awareness - Novice

Operating Systems

Skill Rating
Ubuntu Linux Advanced
SolusOS Advanced
Proxmox VE Intermediate
Windows Intermediate


Skill Rating
Physical Security Advanced
CakePHP Intermediate
Docker Intermediate
Naval Code Intermediate
Psychology Intermediate
Natural Sciences Novice - Intermediate
Chemistry Novice - Intermediate
Electronic Engineering Novice - Intermediate
Git Novice - Intermediate
First-Aid Novice