SoulWorker Online: End-game PvP Suggestion

I am quite a fan of SWO and while I'm not at the level cap yet, I still try to keep updated with the development.
One thing that I always seemed to notice on the forums is that there is a huge lack of end-game content.
This had led to me being somewhat demotivated to continue the grind to the end-game since well...
There's nothing for me to do there anyway.
Because of that, I have come up with an idea on how to create some nice end-game content, that might actually pull the interest of the PvP savvy players!
While this whole idea might not fit into the main store, Lion Games could probably figure out something to make it fit :)

Please note that these suggestions are only that, suggestions.
It might be that a few things are missing or a few things should be left out.
Let's go!

Main system

The first thing is that we need factions (preferably 3-5, keep reading), why?
So that we can split up the player base ever so slightly to allow for faction sieges!
The idea is that when a player reaches a certain level, he or she can join a faction (either just straight-up joining one of by completing a quest).
Every once in a while (let's say every Sunday at a specific time), faction sieges will occur.
A few moments (an hour or two) before the sieges start, people can opt-in for the siege.
Once the sieges start, people will be matchmade (people in a party will always be matched together if all players are eligible) and teleported into a per-team (one team per faction) lobby inside of an instance.
Preferably, the number of people per instance will be limited to X people per faction to prevent over-crowding, potentially lowering FPS and increasing latency.
Once everybody is ready (or a time limit has been reached), the arena itself will open and the sieges commence!

After this, it will be a team-based siege where you have to kill as many opponents as possible while staying alive yourself.
A kill will be rewarded with points and somebody that dies may no longer continue to fight (only spectate).
This punishes death severely and makes kills more rewarding.
Not only do you earn some points for your team, you also deny your opponents points and weaken their team.
This encourages teams to not only go in the offence but also fall back to a defensive position as well.

Once all the dust has settled and the last team is standing, bonus points will be awarded based on a few criteria, all of which will be divided based on the "rank" (eg. first place, second place etc.):

  1. Rank of team elimination

  2. Most kills

  3. Most Damage

  4. Most Healing

After all the bonus points have been awarded, each faction will receive points based on the final results of a siege.
Eg. the first place gets 10 points, the second get's 8 points etc.
Doing this instead of just slapping all the final scores on the main scoreboard will prevent it from being all cluttered and inflated.
I mean, what is easier to read?

  • 8,904,390,636

  • 6,830

While the first one does look more dope, depending on the players participating, this number can get too big to quickly.

After all sieges have been completed and the final score has been calculated, all players should receive a reward for participating.
Then, all participating players for the top three factions (or winning in the case of just two factions) will receive bonus rewards based on the rank of their faction.
For example:

  1. 500 Soul Cash + VIP time + Boosterbox

  2. 250 Soul Cash + VIP time

  3. 125 Soul Cash

This makes partaking in the sieges both fun and rewarding :)

Optional: Tickets

In order to limit the number of players a little, partaking in the sieges could require tickets.
These tickets should be buyable with Dzenai (so that stuff will still have some use in the end-game) or Soul Cash (for those too lazy to farm).
When a player decides to join in, he or she will consume a ticket.
It's very simple and might annoy few, but it could also make people want to spend some time farming Dzenai for some tickets.

Optional: Replays

While this might be a bit more difficult to implement, it would be nice to have replays of sieges available for players.
This way they can find mistakes they made or easily share it with their friends.

Optional: Seasons

It could be interesting to have some seasons in the system.
At the end of the season, all participating players in the faction that ended up in the first place at the end of the season will get some exclusive bonus loot like a costume or badge to show off that they helped their faction secure victory!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and will help to spread it around.
Maybe, just maybe, Lion Games will see this and take it into consideration to motivate people to get to the end-game faster (maybe spend some money on battlebooks in the process?) and make end-game actually interesting.
While having factions could split up the community a bit, it is the easiest way to have people partake in massive PvP events.
And by not using Guilds for this, players that don't want to join a guild, don't have to.
There are plenty of options to choose from, but these are the ones I could come op with.
What do you think?
Should a system like this be implemented? or why shouldn't it be?
Let me know down in the comments, but for now...



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