Why I hold a grudge against new miners

It might come as a big surprise to you, but I actually hold a big grudge against new miners.
This especially becomes a surprise as I'm a miner myself, and like everybody else, I started out as a noobie.
But there is one reason why I hold a big grudge against new miners at this very moment, and that is because of the hype.
You see, I started mining myself because I was interested in the Bitcoin technology (and later Litecoin, then Feathercoin and so on).
I mined because I thought it was fun to mine.
The profit I could get did interest me, but it wasn't my primary interest.

Most people I see go mining nowadays are only there because of the hype surrounding it and because they want to seek only profit.
And while a lot of big mines also seek just the profit, there is one major difference between those new miners and those big miners:
The big miners actually do their homework.

What I mean by that is that I get so many questions asking how to mine, how to sell your coins, what they need and what coins to mine.
And while this seems like normal questions, they generally did not do their own research at all.
What you need, how to sell your coins and how to get setup is easily findable on the internet.
If you want to explore mining and actually are interested in cryptocurrencies, then, by all means, ask me a question, but if you only do it because you want a quick buck, then I will just point you the door.
Cryptocurrencies are amazing, but people tend to get so hyped that accidentally, they destroy its entire economy.

Please do your own research before you come ask me any help in mining.
And while this sounds like a scumbag move, either pay me for my knowledge by sticking around and exploring cryptos with me or pay me with money.
Cus I'm not gonna do your research for free.
Or even better, just stay away from Cryptos entirely if you're too lazy to do your homework :)


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