Wotofo Serpent BF Review

I have been into vaping for a year now and one of my friends decided to give me a little present since I am his primary source of vaping knowledge.
He knew I wanted to get started on wicking and later building my own coils, hence he got me an RDA.
Please do note that the pictures in this review are made about a week of use, so there already is a build on it.
With out any further ado, let's dive straight into this review of the Serpent BF by Wotofo!

General Overview

The RDA is available in two colors: Silver/Stainless Steel and Black.
My friend picked the black for me as you can never be wrong with that.
The RDA itself is made out of 316 Stainless Steel, which is quite normal to see.

The packaging is just a regular box with a little tray that slides out.
But seriously, it looks hideous.
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JUST LOOK AT IT!? (or maybe don

Luckily, it's just the box, but this one won't end up on my display.

Anyways, enough about the box, what's inside?

It also contains a little pack of spare parts containing:

And obviously, the RDA itself, which consists of four parts:

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The completely assembled RDA

The bottom pin is just a regular gold plated 510 connection.
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Unfortunately, you can't swap the bottom pin out for a non-squonk pin, which is where the little silicon pins are for.

On the sides of the RDA, there are three airflow holes.
Two of them are directly in front of the coils, the other is perpendicular to them, which is an odd location.
Especially considering that you could just close off half of the two "main" airflow holes to get the draw of just one.

Putting it on my Wismec Sinuous P80, one can easily see how tiny it is.
It measures just 22 mm in diameter, so that was to be expected.
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Vaping it

For the initial vaping test, I used only the cotton and coils that were included in the box to eliminate some variables like a difference in coils and cotton (which can impact flavour and cloud production)
I slapped it onto my Wismec Sinuous P80 and dripped it with some Candyking Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum , which is my favourite one which I have at hand right now.
I tend to vape it at 66.6 watts of power (This is both a coincident as well as on purpose) since between 66 and 67 watt is my sweet spot for the temperature of the vape as well as me not burning off my damn mouth.
Which is one of the cons this RDA has.
I don't know if it's with most RDA's, but this one gets really hot to the lips after a few hits.
Through testing, I swapped between the included ULTEM driptip and Stainless Steel one.
However, I soon stuck to only the ULTEM driptip for a reason I will tell in the conclusion below.
The flavour is quite strong, however, my main tank (a VandyVape Triple II RTA) produces more flavour.
The draw is somewhat restrictive, but not too much, though I would have liked it more if the airflow was even less restrictive.

After about a week or so of use, I decided to use some new coils and some different wick, to see how the included coils and cotton would hold up.
For this, I used some VandyVape Fussed Clapton's at 0.43Ω with some Coil Master Pro Cotton.
While rebuilding my atomizer, I realized just how difficult it is to build on this RDA.
You have very little space to work with and centring out the coils will make at least one leg look a bit crooked.
You also have to trim the leads to a proper size before installing them completely unless you are going for a single-coil build.
When installing two coils, one of them will obstruct the other, so please, do make sure you trim the leads to the proper size first, it'll save you a big headache!
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After completely rebuilding the build, I juiced it up again, let it sit for a few seconds to let the juice really soak in and gave it some hits.
Yes, the flavour was better and so was the vape production, however, the included coils and cotton held up surprisingly good in comparison, especially when you consider that they were included.
So for those who forgot to order some coils and wick with it, don't worry, the included ones are perfectly fine to get started with.
If you're new to building and you have some coils and cotton yourself already, then feel free to go fiddling with the included ones, it's all up to you!

Pros and Cons

Let's dive into the cons of it first:
One of the biggest cons, and in my opinion a plain stupid decision is the 510 driptip that is included.
Since this driptip is made out of stainless steel, this part also gets hot really quickly.
They included an adapter which is made out of ULTEM and thus conducts less heat but then proceeded to include a metal driptip, which conducts heat really well.
Another big con, in my opinion, is the restrictiveness of the airflow.
While some might like it, I'm not a huge fan of it.
Another massive con, in my opinion, is that the shell gets real hot real quick, making me only able to vape for a little bit before having to let it cool down.
This might not be a problem for some, but since I'm pretty much a chain-vaper, this becomes quite annoying.
I also want to mention that the pin blocking the squonking hole feels like a lazy for non-squonk mods.
Instead of making the bottom pin removable, they just went the lazy route and included those silicone pins.
While some might not mind this, some people might, especially those who switch between squonking and non-squonking often, especially since these pins can easily get lost.
It feels too much like a band-aid fix to me.
Tucking in the cotton into the wicking well isn't very easy without compressing it a bit.
Not a big deal, but keep this in mind.
The final con is that the build posts can be hard to work with for new people, especially if it's their first RDA.
I would definitely not mind having it be 24 mm in diameter instead so I get that slight amount of extra workspace.

Next up, the pros:
One thing I really like is the simple look of this RDA.
Not too much fancy pansy stuff like the VandyVape Capstone and Hellvape Dead Rabbit, instead, it's clean and beautiful.
The size of this RDA makes it so that it fits on smaller mods as well (even though this sacrificed a little bit of workspace).
I haven't tried it with some small squonk mods like the dotSquonk, but I doubt it will look like a match made in heaven with that mod.


All in all, this is quite a nice and compact RDA.
Building on it doesn't feel as nice as on my Triple II RTA but do remember that the Triple II RTA is a lot bigger.
It has a good flavour, even with the included coils and cotton.

This RDA is without a doubt made for squonkers, and while non-squonkers like me can use it just fine, do make sure you don't lose the silicon pins.
Do I recommend this RDA?
If you're an experienced builder or don't have a temper, this can be a nice pickup as it's only €19.99.
Else, I'd recommend investing a bit more money into something like a Digiflavor Drop or GeekVape Loop (no, this is not designed by me).

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